How to Start First Local Website and Promote it: Ideas, Solution and Tricks

Are you thinking of setting up a new website for your local business or do you think of creating a new website to start a new local business online? Here are tricks and steps that help to from start to end?

I am Sagar, a digital marketing expert, and programmer at local SEO Work With the extensive experience, I have developed several new websites and get the first-page ranking in short times, now here I am explaining steps to buy domain names, hosting server, hire a programmer and promote it an online. OK, let’s start steps.

Why Website Is Important For Local Businesses?

There are hundreds of business ideas available to start but some are effective and high profits. You can create a freelancing website, content writing website even other businesses. But if your primary goal is to earn money from local customers then here are the few choices are available that you can choose.

Ecommerce Website:

You are aware of Amazon and Flipkart, I am talking about the same business. As I earlier, no one has time to go to a local store and purchase anything. Because most of the people purchasing from online so it would be the best chance for you to start a local business website. What you can sell online? You can sell anything online, even your products or sell third-party products buy getting a commission from it.

Local Travel Website:

Yes, I am talking about local travel agent, if you are living near some popular places of earth then it is a good chance for you to create a new travel website and become a travel agent. As to develop travel website requires low investment.

Online Training Website:

If you have unique skills and expertise in the particular category then it would be a good option to develop a new training website at low cost by providing online training, or you can promote your training website and invite to get training from your local place.

I have listed some important business website, still if you want to get more idea then you should know more from here.

How To Build Your Local Website at Low Budget

If you are programmer then you are may be aware of setup your whole website, and not then do not worry here I have explained from start to end.

1. Domain Name:

A domain name is a name that anyone can type or search and visit your website. There is different domain name provider available such as GodaddyBluehost and other more where you can search your domain name and purchase it at low cost. It is too easy to buy a domain name, just you need to register on the domain name provider website then login and search your desired domain name and purchase it. Remember that domain name should be short and meaningful so anyone can easily type and remember to your website.

2. Hosting Server:

After getting the domain name the second step would be hosting server, you are maybe aware of hosting server. It is the server where we store all the website data like images, website development files and other more. Currently, there are several website hosting providers available where you can get a hosting server at the big discounts. However, It is also easy to get hosting server, just you need a select right package, for example, if you are getting a server for a single website then single website package it would be affordable for you. Also, the same as you can choose for multiple websites, it depends on your website requirements. Moreover, If you are still confused then contact our expert they we will guide you and choose the best hosting server for you at affordable rates.

3. Hire Programmer:

Now, I am talking about the most important step, after purchasing a domain name and hosting server next step would hire a developer. There are two options one you have to choose the right freelancer or second professional website Development Company to develop your whole new website.  If you want to get an idea about freelancing then there are several popular sites available from where you can hire a developer at affordable rates like and but freelancer maybe not trusted sometime so it would be good option to go with the professional company. There are several professional website development companies available like are. We are professional website Development Company and we will develop a complete website according to your requirements in your budget by choosing right domain and hosting provider, You can contact us just to get a free quote from our experts.

Next Step: Promote Your Website Online (SEO)

After your website is ready next step will be SEO because currently there are high competitions specifically for local business.  How could you do it, even you do not have basic knowledge about SEO, do not worry here I have explained some important SEO points that help to get enough traffic for your local website.

Steps to promote Your Website

1. Google my business:

The First and most important point registers your business in the Google my business listing so you can easily get your local customers and create a brand presence. How to create it? Create a local my business is easy. Just visit Google my business page and do registration, after the registration does login and fill out all the business information like Business name, Phone number, address.  After that you have to do verification by phone number or postcard then after the verification, your business will be live in Seconds.

Trick: When you will do registration into Google my business enter your primary keywords after your business name For example: As my business name is “Local SEO Work”, I have added primary keywords just after the business name like “Local SEO Work: Digital Marketing and web development company” So when any user search any of added keywords by nearby places your website would become first (Depends on rating and reviews of Google My Business.

2. Start a Local Business Listing:

It is same as the Google my business, you have to submit your website and other details in local website submission sites. There are several local business listing sites available, you can find according to your location and area. Most common and popular business listing sites are,,, and other more.

Trick: To get value and rank high into local business sites you have to get reviews and ratings from your local customers by offering them discounts and other offers.

3. Rating and Reviews:

How would you aware to your customers that you offer the best services and offers, off course from a  local customers rating and reviews, it is currently most important nowadays. It helps in two ways first It will create positive brand affects and second it will help to get rankings on search engines.

4. Social Media Promotion:

It is a more powerful option to get a local customer and do brand promotion. Social media is easy as you are doing a post on facebook, twitter and Instagram, just you need to create your local business pages and then promote your products and services.

I am sure these SEO activities help you to rank your local website and business to get enough and instant traffic. But still, if you are confused or fail to do then you can get help from our digital marketing professional they will help you to build a new website and promote it.

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