Top 5 Easy Tips that Every Restaurant Business Should Try Once to Grow Customers

Competition has increased in the online world so it is being difficult to grow a restaurant business, you should need to create some values and benefits in front of the customers then you can grow restaurant business.

Here, I have mentioned some important points that help every restaurant business to increase their customers online. These are some basic steps, so you can do by own or need help then you can hire Local SEO Work.

1. Update or Create Google My Business

Maybe you have heard of Google MY business, if not! Do not worry I will explain everything here. It’s a tool that shows local businesses in Google search with the business address, phone number, and other business details. Moreover, the GMB tool created by Google and it’s completely free, so every restaurant business should try it. 

It is too easy to create Google my business profile, here are I have mentioned steps: Login into GMB (Google my business) with your Gmail id, after login just enter your business name, address, and one by one fill other details. Finally, after fulfilling all the details you just need to verify it by postcard. Once your business will be verified, it will instantly show on Google search. Most important in the GMB tool you can mention your services area, so when you are creating GMB profile, mention your restaurant service area so google will land you at the same targeted location.

Once everything is setup, your GMB listing look like below on Google Search.

Restaurant near me

In the above image, you can view the business name, reviews, and address. Moreover, business review matters the most. You will learn more about reviews later in this article. Now, With the GMB listing user has the option to make a reservation from GMB page, so you should fill up appropriate details while creating a GMB account.

2. Website On-Page Optimization

If you are SEO expert then you are familiar about SEO On-page and if not then, do not worry I have explained some basic SEO on-page guidelines that help to setup SEO for your restaurant website more easily. 

First what are the most important activities in the on-page SEO.

  • Meta title and Description optimization

Meta title and description is the important part in the SEO, it contains primary keywords that you want to target for search engine. It is easy to write meta title and description, just include primary keywords by adding location.

For Example: One Restaurant company in Melbourne who have targeted their local location in the meta title and description as you can view in the screenshot below. Moreover, there are several ways to check the meta title and description of the website but the easiest way is to install an SEO meta one click plugin. It is the best plugin. Just install and click on plugin It will display all the SEO detail.

Meta title and desc
  • Heading tag Optimization

Heading tag is also a primary option like the meta title and description. There are different heading tags like H1, H2, H3 and among them, h1 is the most important. H1 tag is like a book title. For instance, a Melbourne located company mentioned their location as the heading tag. In case if you need help to set up heading tags, Local SEO Work is a web development company to do that.

heading tag
  • Local Keywords Optimization

Above, you have seen an example of meta title and heading tags, how they have included local keywords but before starting, you should do some basic keyword research. Here are some steps to do that. First, decide your restaurant targeted location after that search keyword in a search engine.

For Example: if your targeted location is Melbourne then try to search with that “restaurant in Melbourne” on Google after that you will get more keyword-related ideas. As you can view in the below image, after searching you will get more suggestions and select the best fits into your business. Finally, you can include these keywords in the meta title, description, content body, and heading tags.

search engine preview
  • Mobile Friendly Website

Nowadays more of the customers are searching from a mobile devices compare to the desktop, so it would be an important for your restaurant that you have mobile friendly website. It is too easy to check your mobile friendly website, visit Mobile friendly test checker that is completely free. Open and past your URL and you will get complete idea of the website. In case if you have not mobile friendly website then you can hire any developer to do that.

mobile friendly checker screenshort

3. Submit Your Restaurant in Local Business Directories

Today, you could not depend only on the website there are other sources available that helps to increase reach, like local business directories. Find directories from the search engine, although there are different directories available according to the location. 

Try to search directories with your local targeted location. For example, you can search keywords like” Business listing sites Melbourne” then you will find directories related to your local restaurant business. Submit your business information on top directory sites one by one and once it will be submitted then try to increase reviews that help lots more with increase customers as you know review is the most important.

4. Increase Customer Ratings & Reviews

In the restaurant industry, reviews matter the most. You have a website, Google my business page but if you don’t have more ratings and reviews then how could you attract and increase customers so reviews are important. Reviews not only helping to get customers but reviews also help to increase value in the search engine.

For example: if you do google for restaurant then you will find top restaurant business on the top of the search engine, you can view it on the below image ‘Locale Mio’ has more reviews and also has 4.8 reviews so that is coming on the first place compare to others.

Reviews and rating GMB

There are different ways to increase reviews such as you can tell regular customers to give reviews or you can offer some discounts to increase reviews.

5. Boost Facebook Post or PPC advertising

I have shown you some of the easy ways to increase customers but still if you want to try more then try a advertising on different platform like Facebook Instagram and Google Ads.

Though, if you are not more aware about advertising, then you could simply boost a Facebook post. Here are basic steps that helps to boost a Facebook post. It’s more easy to do.  Moreover, in the advertising image and title are most important. Moreover, if you have basic knowledge of Facebook advertising then you can start some advance level Facebook advertising. 

Another popular advertising is Google ads, if you are not familiar about google ads then you could simply view a YouTube ads or get help from google to do that. It is too easy to setup. 

Conclusion: We have seen some steps that help to grow customers for a restaurant business, if you are still confused or need some advance tips to grow your local restaurant business then you can get help from the local SEO work team.

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