6 Top SEO Tips to Improve Visibility of Local Restaurant Business

Today technology has grown and it has completely changed the interaction between businesses and customers, as customers are more searching from their mobile devices and smart devices like Google assistant and Amazon echo, chances of getting more customers over online become more productive.

According to SEOExpertBrad, 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information, it is sure that to rank on local keywords improve the revenue and customers, especially for the restaurant business. So if you want to optimize SEO for your new startup restaurant or want to increase customer for old one then follow these primary points to grow.

1. Create Google My Business:

Google my business is an effective way to grow local customers when customers are searching for “restaurant near me” or “non-veg restaurant near me” or other local keywords. However, to create local my business is too easy, just you need to have Gmail address and need to fill essential information about your restaurant such as business name, address, phone number, menu & opening times then finally you need to verify it. After that verification would be live in seconds. So whenever customers are searching for a local restaurant it will show your business by filtering distant, customer’s reviews and keywords.

2. Optimize Contents & Keywords:

How search engine and customers being aware that you offering restaurant services in a particular city, Of course from your own website, right? So it is essential to optimize the content by targeting right restaurant customers and keywords. How you can optimize the best way, just you need to add your primary keywords in the meta title, meta description, heading tag (h1 and h2) and other important keywords in the content body so your customers and search engines are aware of your targeted customers.

3. Schema Markup:

The schema is the way to inform search engine about your product and services more preciously. As for the restaurant business, while you have a list of menu and dishes it would be essential to do schema markup according to the nature and location of your restaurant business.
Optimize schema markup is easy but just you need to understand it completely, You can create a schema for your restaurant menu, menu item, food price, quantity and other more by placing schema code on your website. You can get restaurant schema code here.

4. Business Listing:

The business listing also called business directories, there is a list of directories available to add your restaurant business. Currently, customers are using business listing sites and application to search for a local restaurant so it would be essential to get found there. Normally business listing is free, but some time high authority website demand money on behalf of adding your business. Some of the most popular business listing sites where you can add your restaurant business are Yelp, city search, yellow pages, and another locally popular website you can find by searching on a search engine. So I want to say that to increase brand impression and customer’s business listing is important.

5. Rating & Reviews:

While customers are searching for a restaurant near their preferred location, they first check the quality of food by rating and reviews. Obviously, suppose you are looking for a Chinese restaurant neat your area, what would you check, of course, their customers’ reviews and ratings. So it would be essential to get reviewed from your local customers to increase rankings and customers. Do not get fake reviews otherwise, search engine penalized you, do not worry there is some common way to get local rankings, such as by offering special discounts or offering coupons or email or by calling you can tell the customers to give reviews on Google my business and other business directories.

6. Local News & Press Release:

Local news and press release an effective way to increase customers and brand awareness. like When you have special offers and discounts or other events, you can mention in a press release or local news sites so customers and search engine get to know that and it results in the rankings and improvement.

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